There are many microorganisms that cause infections - especially bacteria and viruses, but also fungi and others. But antibiotics are only effective against bacteria! That's because bacteria and viruses are very different. Bacteria grow up to 0.002 mm, have their own metabolism and can be bred on artificial nutrient media. Viruses, on the other hand, are about a hundred times smaller than bacteria and can not exist on their own, they rely on so-called host cells. Antibiotics attack, among other things, the cell wall or the metabolism of bacteria - against viruses, however, that nest in the human cells, they can not do anything. This knowledge is particularly important in the context of colds: These are mainly caused by viruses - and then no antibiotics help. Buying antibiotics online from can be a great help to treat your infectious disease. Antibiotics - especially in higher doses - are often very large and may often, for. B. because of certain tablet coatings, not be crushed (can be found in the package leaflet). However, many people find it difficult to swallow large pills. If the application can not be changed to another type of preparation such as juice, some tricks will help.