Vol. 40 No. 2 May-Aug 2023

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Clinical Characteristics and Factors Associated with Mortality of Streptococcus suis infection in Ratchaburi Hospital, Thailand
Wutthiseth Dhitinanmuang M.D.

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Streptococcus suis, meningitis, endocarditis, bacteremia, mortality



Extracutaneous Involvement of Disseminated Sporotrichosis in Non-HIV Patients: Literature Review
Varalee Terbsiri M.D., Kanmanee Viratkapan M.D., Chanat Kumtornrut M.D., Kamonwan Jutivorakool M.D., Jakapat Vanichanan M.D.

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Sporothricosis, extracutaneous, disseminated



CD40-CD40L Interaction: Basic Knowledge and Novel Therapies for Immunologic Diseases
Kanavut Baiphukthong M.D., Kamonwan Jutivorakool M.D.

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CD40-CD40L interaction, CD40 antagonist, CD40L antagonist, monoclonal antibody, immunologic diseases



Pyomyositis Caused by Actinomyces oris
Sukanya Srikajonjit M.D., Atibordee Meesing M.D.

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actinomycosis, gram-positive bacilli, skin and soft tissue infection



A case report of Legionnaires’ Disease: An Unusual Presentation with Spontaneous Pneumothorax
Warinthip Mahapasuthanon M.D., Voraphoj Nilaratanakul M.D.

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Legionnaires’ disease, spontaneous pneumothorax, Legionella pneumophila



Ethambutol: A Rare Cause of Acute Liver Injury In Treating Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Tiing Yun Ling M.D., Andrew Kean Wei Chang M.D., Yih Hoong Lee M.D., Kelly Kee Yung Wong M.D.

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Tuberculosis, ethambutol, drug-induced liver injury, hepatocellular injury



Nocardia paucivorans Cutaneous Infection with Osteomyelitis in An Adolescent with Autoinflammatory Disease
Thornthun Ueaphongsukkit M.D., Hiroshi Chantaphakul M.D., Prasit Phowthongkum M.D., Rongpong Plongla M.D.

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Nocardia paucivorans, Nocardiosis, autoinflammatory disease, type 1 interferonopathies



Cryptococcal laurentii: An Uncommon Cause Of Central Line-Related Bloodstream Infection In A COVID-19 Patient
Jin Yi Goh MRCP(UK), Nor Izzah Mazan MPATH, Siti Sarah Nabilah Binti Tarmizi MBBS, Masliza Zaid MMED

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Cryptococcal, Laurentii, COVID-19, bloodstream



Salmonella Brain Abscesses as A Complication of A Brain Tumor: A Case Report and Literature Review
Sethawut Ruangsirinusorn M.D., Parichat Salee M.D, Poramed Winichakoon M.D.

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salmonella infection, meningioma, brain tumor, brain abscess